Puma's unique style

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Puma's unique style

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:34 pm

The history of the Puma with adidas closely related to the development of "brother" relations, is separated from the adidas founded the Pumae and in very different ideas continue to tory burch handbag, however two brothers of war between business still persist, in the Puma continuously by the Olympic athletes great football player after the favour of cheap nike shoes gradually, choose to leap the cheetah as a symbol of the Puma unique elegant streamline design, and even to finally get involved in the car industry and roll out the famous race cat hi shoes, and designed for boxing design special boxing shoes, etc, it's 28 species Puma shoes function complete included.

The leopard Mercedes stopped screen, Puma's logo give a person a kind of continued the marching moment illusion, fifty years he would span all written in history or great movement of basketball shoes. With Puma with Brazilian World Cup championship final into Billy, while tennis pro baker here at wimbledon lawn of soil. And most of the top athletes cooperation and constantly strive for the latest technology making the best sports equipment. Founder rudolph? Darth joy in 1948 established the Puma brand, the Germany for decades has been at the sport to gucci men shoes, in recent years, the more successful combination of fashion and movement for young people, and become one of the favorite brand.By caleb SuoJin labor Herzogenaurach , is located in the southern German state of Bavaria in the 19 th century was a small town the practice of the main economic traditional clothing industry, but today, because it is the world famous sporting goods-Puma "Puma" the company's edhardy clothes, and be carefully watched.

A local shoemaker launched its own small factory, beginning with leather boots and slippers, do as he has two sons: brother RUDOLF DASSLER and brother ADOLF DASSLER also work in a factory in 1924 the two brothers grew up follow in his father's tom ford sunglasses, invented in under the leather boots nail wooden nail, have prevent slippery effect, but popular; In which the German people love football, s, for football fanaticism unmatched, and the player is also asking to get good shoes, then, make running and playing football, has become the direction of cheap polo shirts. With the development of the company, the two brothers appeared contradiction, in 1948, they decided to break up, brother founded the puma company, the younger brother founded the adidas.

After 50 DuoNian efforts, Puma in modern sports history in achieved remarkable tremendous achievements. Over the years, played Billy DuoCi in with Puma World Cup final, tennis star becker with his opponent in the wimbledon's pitches contest, and Christina. Chris together at the track off many ghd straightener. This is Puma through continuous research and development, and with the world's top athletes to exchange development nike free shoes.

Puma of continued development to glory, constantly seeking to technical innovation, and through it supported the outstanding performance promote athletes nationwide fitness campaign.

Now, Puma Puma has developed into a large multinational company, the product is numerous, sales all over the world, for the majority of sports lovers to provide chanel handbags.

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