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How can happiness

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It is the pursuit of happiness. But what is happiness? How can happiness? Chinese dictionary explains: "Happiness is a longer duration tory burch purse life satisfaction and feeling great fun and naturally want to continue a long a happy mood." Employing humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow's theory that people from low to meet the high level of physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, esteem needs, self-realization, is happy.
Mainly refers to the physiological needs of dietary needs and sexual needs met, including clothing and housing to meet, do not need to meet the dietary needs of nike sneakers bread and water that is security and peace; Nature does not need to meet the needs of the six homes seventy-two Sannomiya concubines, because the color of scraped the bone blades; Similarly, we do not need the dress best basketball shoes, housing need not be magnificent palace to meet. The need for security is to protect the individual from living in a dangerous, secure environment, only need to have money to buy medical insurance, pension insurance and unemployment benefits will be able to meet the
Belonging and love needs is the interaction between people, need to love and be loved, that people need affection, friendship, love to distraction loneliness, emptiness, loneliness, loss; Money can not buy affection and love, love or be loved are both only happiness is pain, love and be loved is the well-being Respect the needs of the people need to get other people's recognition, recognition, attention and, gucci shoes sale self-sufficiency, sense of confidence; These needs are not met, people will feel depressed, low self-esteem and depression. Self-realization is the need to develop and achieve their maximum genetic potential of the particular decision, in accordance with each person special interests, abilities, achievements from work to realize their own values, to their own needs and social needs unity.
Each person's self-realization is not the same, the musicians must be composed of self-realization, to compose songs for fun, he must write out the melody in the heart, the heart can be at peace; Poet must write poetry, to write poetry edhardy shirts, to talk him out of the emotional depths of the soul, the heart can be so quiet. That a person must be his decision to become specific nature of people.
People feel happy is to meet needs rather than the desire to know the needs and desires met is not the same. Needs should have, must have, under certain conditions is able to meet. Desire is to give things to pleasure or satisfaction or experience of a conscious desire and tom ford glasses., which includes the desire for power, material things, sex, etc., people's desires are endless, just a desire to meet, will be followed A greater desire but are dissatisfied, can not always meet the desire.
We contented, well-being is a blessing to know. To meet the physiological needs of the lowest level here is not to say, here to talk about spiritual needs met. As long as we can maintain good family fox shir[/url , especially marriage, the education of their children trained to self-reliance of people in society; Find a interest, capable of performing the work, and ability to play and at work and colleagues, leading the establishment of harmonious relations of friendship; Coupled with proper rest and recreation, will be able to meet our physical needs above the spiritual level of needs, may feel happy.
People have different concept of [url=]shop monster energy, a few outstanding elements have completely altruistic concept of happiness, because they make others happy and feel lucky to have "first and worry about the world, after the world music" of the faith; Few people have a completely self-serving concept of happiness, in order to satisfy the desires of unscrupulous, that "every man for himself destroy Heaven and Earth"; Most of the pursuit of happiness for himself and altruism, both to meet their own needs, without compromising the collective and the interests nike running shoes, is the 'man for me, one for all "doctrine.
A goal, pursuit, sustenance, can increase people's happiness. Who has suffered, experienced the suffering and death are more likely to feel that life satisfaction and happiness. Happiness is often a feeling, the same situation, different people have different feelings. Also see a half glass of wine, some people see is a half glass of wine, wine, nice feel, some people see is half a cup of air, think how only half a glass of wine? Happiness and also genetic, some people born optimist, easy to feel satisfied and chanel bags; Some people are unfounded, always anxious, a little extreme is depression, the world depression of the eyes are always dark, even the dark, through drug treatment, it may be happy.
As long as you find an interesting job, to have some rich and stable income in life, to treat people with kindness, to put themselves, helpful, make friends, develop some hobbies, you may feel that life is happy !

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