The value of forest

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The value of forest

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:44 pm

Cover the earth lush forests, is a tremendous nature have and the most precious wealth can be "green".
The ancestors of human beings first is life in the forest. By gathering their wild fruit catch birds and animals for food with polo shirt hides do clothes the branch house nest do go on. The forest is human's hometown human origin and development up from here.Until today, we provide the forest is still necessary to the life and production of material. Estimates that there are 300 million people in the world, is home to the forest by forest to earn a living.
Forests provide including fruit, seeds and nuts, roots, tuber, fungi, etc. Various kinds of food, Thailand's some 60% of food in forestry, from the forest. The animals in the forest bushes to provide meat to people and animal protein.The purpose of the wood is very wide build a house open mining the railway bridge paper making make furniture and so on. The forest for millions of people provide ghd. Other forest products and rich and colorful, turpentine, roast glue, insect wax, spices, and so on, are all light industry of raw material.
China and India use medicinal plant has a history of 5000 years, today in most of the world still dependent on plants and herbs forest to get it. In developed countries a quarter of nike running shoes from the active ingredient of medicinal plants.
Wood is some developing countries the main fuel. About 2 billion people around the world rely on wood and charcoal cooking. Like Burundi, Bhutan and some other countries, more than 90% of the energy provided by forest.
Might as well say forest as the nature of the "regulators", it regulates nature of air and water circulation, affects the change of climate, soil from the protection of infringement of chanel bags, reducing environmental pollution to the people of the dangers.
Forest which is of the earth, and every tree lung "is a oxygen generator and carbon dioxide absorber. A tree can absorb a day loincloth 16 kilograms carbon dioxide 150 hay liu, such as CNN a day can produce 100 broad-leaved forest of tom ford glasses. City residents if an average per possession 10 square meters trees or 25 square meters grass, breathe out carbon dioxide is the place to need oxygen also have the source.
The forest will conserve water, in the natural cycle of water play an important role. "Green hill, green water; the" often is in the tree is, with water together. Precipitation of rain, and was part of the crown, most of the fall under the tree by the dead branches and leaves and loose porous soil was a woodland storage up, and some are plant root absorb, some forest by evaporation to return to the atmosphere. 1 hectare forest a year to 8000 tons of edhardy shirts, make the forest region, the air is dry, warm in winter and cool in summer precipitation increase, so it has the function of regulating climate.
The forest will for windbreak and sand-fixation, stop the soil and water loss. Wind, with his crown block it way, reduce wind speed, roots grow again close seize the soil don't let the wind that blows away. The heavy rain down to the forest into gucci shoes sale and rock, deep in the form of aperture, groundwater flow out gently, wipe out the soil. According to the record, in Africa Kenya rainfall of 500 mm, land reclamation of sediment erosion forest land is 100 times, herding the sediment is 3000 times of the forest loss. We are not to stop the desertification and soil and water loss? The most effective helper is forest.
The benefits of forest
1, improve air quality
2, ease the "heat island effect"
3, reduce sediment erosion
4, and water conservation
5, reduce the hazards of sand
6, rich in species diversity
7, increase destinations
8, drive the seedling, the flower industry
9, reduce the noise pollution
10, optimize the investment environment
11, and beautify the natural environment
12, temperature adjustment
With the development of tory burch purse, people realize more and more that forest is absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, drugs, and dust removal, the sterilization, sewage treatment, to reduce the noise, prevent the sandstorm, adjusting the climate, and to the instructions of the toxic substances such as monitoring role. Then many people start to nature to feel the fun of nike sneakers, to understand the big forests of all kinds of benefits to human body.
When you step into the green green in linhai, will flash feels comfortable, fatigue disappear. The forest green, not only to the earth bring beautiful varied landscape, and it can through the people of various senses, in the role of the central nervous system, adjust and improve the function of the body, give a person with quiet, comfortable, vibrant, spirits feeling and improve health.
According to the survey, the green environment to a certain extent to reduce human body of adrenaline, reduce the human body the excitability of best basketball shoes. It not only can make a person quiet, comfortable, but also make human body skin temperature reduced by 1 ℃-2 ℃, pulse every minute reduce four times-8 times, can enhance the sensitivity of the auditory and thinking activity. The scientists after experiments, green light reflectivity of 30%-40% of the retina, the stimulation of organization, it can absorb sunlight right in the eye of the harmful to ultraviolet ray, make eye fatigue is rapidly disappearing, spirit bright and clear.
The study, in the forest plants, such as the Chinese fir and pine, eucalyptus, Yang, round cypress, oak and so on can secrete the aromatic flavour with a single terpene, time and a half terpene and double terpenoids gas "sterilization element", can kill in the air the diphtheria, n/med tuberculosis, typhoid fever, dysentery and cholera bacteria such as. According to the survey, in a dry place, no Lin per cubic meter of air, containing 4 million bacteria, and in place of 600000 only avenue, in the woods is only dozens.
Green plant photosynthesis can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, also can absorb the harmful gas. According to the report, 0.4 hectares of forest belt, a years can absorb and assimilation 100000 kilograms of pollutants. 1 hectare forest every year and absorption characteristics 720 pounds of sulfur dioxide. So the air clean forest. According to the Japanese scientists study found that forests and fields there is a kind of very beneficial to human body health matter-negative ion, it can promote the body's metabolism, make breathing smoothly, blood pressure drops, the high spirit and improve human immunity. Someone determination, the house in the city per cubic centimeter odd change negative ion, LinYinChu is only a YiErBaiGe, and in the forest, the valley, the place such as grassland is reached more than ten thousand.
In addition the forest and adjust the function of the microclimate, according to determine, in high temperature in summer, the temperature inside the forest land is 3 ℃ lower non-forest 5 ℃. In cold winter, the forest can make wind speed reduce and make temperature increase, thus plays the role of warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition the forest of the hairy plants have transpiration moisture role, it can make the surrounding air humidity improve.
In short, the forest land is the main body of the ecological environment, the regulator is nature. Forest protection is to protect human survival environment, but also is to protect the man himself. Let us to protect forest output, let the well-being of humanity!

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