Moon in autumn

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Moon in autumn

Post by wwaa on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:30 pm

Lang lang's Mid-Autumn, sprinkle the endless silver fai, plummeted silver hangs over the world, and it is a long for was full of heart. Mid-Autumn round, mirrors the home of mountains and rivers, the home town of the river, the people back home, reflected the li of the comfort of the moon xi, read countless Mid-Autumn, read the unending yearning. The thoughts of geese's wing, I give you far away, leave a genuine feeling, to taste the autumn. Play a song of high mountain running water, let miss glide into the spring, the stream flowing water, to flow to the distance, let the stream of love such as streams, pentium sing aloud, singing a beautiful season. wholesale nike shox
Autumn taste. Autumn poetic flavour is very thick, the osmanthus fragrance, JinJu flowered, bloom in the mountains and plains, blossom in our hearts, rustling autumn wind sobbing, persist one's old ways, or diffuse beautiful and brilliant, savour the golden autumn, autumn give me a colorful world, a piece of blue. Or taste autumn, even if the bitter, like green tea, thinking of bitter and sweet, I in the emerald green cyproess and winding mountains green pine and leaf, write full life of staff, deduce the vigor of life, be permeated with the beauty of life, reveals the charm of life.
Autumn flavor is very thick, it is a cup of old old cellar of maotai-flavor, strong to let people drunk, drunk with the red leaves in mountain flower, painted with colorful color, is that fly south the goose, also can turn to a song singing spirits. The taste of autumn is intoxicating, I drunk, lie in the cradle of acacia, listen to a song of love song, stoned, in the; for you, to gather a lotus plant, dress up your beautiful looks, leave a good thoughts, draw a picture of acacia picture scroll, the mood exclamation how many times. Taste autumn, always sing a love poem, that's heart, a love song for song smell. cheap nike jordan s

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