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Those Past

Post by wwaa on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:30 pm

If dragged the tail of the last to say goodbye to me, I stood in the years shoulders and waved it, suddenly look back, 25 years so quietly, and left me a frost. Spring Festival is, I put the time cast back; Ask the dust and the soil, lit ambition forward to burn. Once flowers for fly leaves fall hurt myself, have worked for the full moon tears full month lacks the orbit, strewn at random have the fireworks down his press, now I understand: the light sorrow, shouldn't mine heart is too long, for the past, I'll use black bottom case to the sadness of extradition blue, to think of the future, with the gorgeous to besmear dye. discount nike shox
The future is still a long way, very long, so I shouldn't be in the same direction, the cuckoo flower full hill, I will no longer look back and lift up his right foot, resolutely fell on ahead, even though the street lamp I shadow was hung hung, will not look back is who has said to want to have more brave, can I don't forget. I think as long as I'm strong enough, you can hold up the sun of tomorrow. When the spring breeze blows and city woke up dead sleep, when fiery red sun falling to thin body, when the geese head south to the sounds, the heart will has a warm hearts whole body.
A few years wind and rain floating away, a few years the flower falls to know how much, ever think about happiness long what appearance, careful thought, but is carrot bowl sparerib soup, but it's a family body are healthy. Always want to, a stable person feeling can't present in the face, a mature man shouldn't often sigh the flow of time too fast, an optimistic person should have sorrow exiled. But sometimes can't help remember, and some people really is this so forgetnike shox

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