Insomnia children

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Insomnia children

Post by wwaa on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:29 pm

Annie's baby said freedom and safety do not have your cake and eat it, I just greedy want to have each other. I want to a outside to drift, free to travel, but and may one day is tired, people came to stand still in the strange city, raise head, I can see there always have a lamp light for me, for me light the way home, the support of the lonely heart, and fear, and so, whether, really was too greedy? nike shox nz men
But the reality and always keeps the flying wings of bound me, broken wing of the dream. I can't find, find traces of the fly, also can not find security belongs, and left, but the infinite loneliness and desolate in the middle of the night and silent gaze at the sky, in the dark, silent and lick wounds, and then in a deep sleep in the cache some sad, smiling to meet new round the sun.
This is life, have to accept the reality, and it let a person helpless. Thought, the pride of his life will be the exception, however, life let me know how, how again want to exception, want to different, finally still't escape from life circle, because want to still don't want to, you belong to life, not of your own private taste. Love dreaming of the child, always better than others wounded by the deeper hurt more, because he used to enlarge all sorrow and happiness, he is happy and sad excessive excessive contradiction community, no one will know the feeling, it is a kind of untold limit. cheap shox

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