Dead Of Night

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Dead Of Night

Post by wwaa on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:27 pm

It was late at night, outside the window the wind the howl of rocking the branches, occasionally heard a sound of glass as a few. The wind is always can not bear lonesome, can't help but to into the room and I say. She also will be afraid, very dark outside is very cold. I am on the edge of the bed, through a magazine, sometimes draw a beautiful sentences, and sometimes under the classic copied argument, he can't help for small humor of the silly when a person smile: dad wearing green suit asked his son, green? Son said, green can be for photosynthesis. The good son seems to study result. nike shox nz
Like reading may will agree with late into the night reading is actually very interesting. According to incandescent lamp, a still, slowly, carefully read the beauty of the language, drinking water, a page and a page, as if read in the rolls of history. In vain history is a record of all the other people's stories, but work hard to see and know that the person is actually your story, seems to every word and their inseparable, every word is elaborate carve, every word is tailors.
My room is small, inside half filled with all kinds of certificate, documents, boxes, brand and volunteers cap. The other half is my the small. A bed, a table, nothing. Right, and also a window. That's the best I enjoy the scenery looked out on the mouth. Every day in the morning from a window in the faint can see the hills, and diffuse in ShanJian around the white clouds. usanikeshox

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