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Including from traditional industry stripping out the service enterprises, satisfy certain conditions the tory burch boots for recognized software enterprise, software and information service outsourcing enterprises and service outsourcing enterprises, can enjoy 3 years sum returns business tax, business tax return after 3 years halving the preferential tax. And outsourcing tory burch outlet sale import required the self-used equipment, and according to the contract equipment import technologies (including software) and michael kors bags spare parts, shall be exempted from tariff and import VAT. Meanwhile, the enterprise in promoting two of fusion occurred in accord with national tax policy development costs, michael kors outlet to tax law for 50% of the claim additional deduction, In which has already formed the intangible assets, according to the michael kors hamilton assets cost 150% amortize. Enterprise in promoting two of fusion due to the technological progress and fixed assets fast becoming obsolete, with tax regulation executes accelerated depreciation. In addition, professional organization for the traditional birkenstock shoes provide two of fusion technology service, related technical transfer, technical development and related technical consultation and technical michael kors handbags earn revenue, can according to the state regulations and business tax will be exempted.

Support: experts into the enterprise's credentials Zhao gang according to "opinion" NiGao introduction michael kors outlet and encourage enterprises to formulate policies, including two of fusion work plan, conditional set chief information officer (CIO), and two of our city state-owned enterprises north face outlet the annual appraisal fusion, and at the same time, every year regularly carry out two of the top ten enterprise and fusion cheap beats by dre individual. It was reported that zhuhai in promoting enterprise two of fusion process, also creatively in universities of information technology experts to enterprise's credentials. This letter of informatization, work SiDongBao green deputy section chief cheap beats dre sale says this is a great innovation.
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