Was in love

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Was in love

Post by micko on Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:08 pm

Actually, we such young people, continuously in bottleneck self-intoxicated. Ever has not gone to think my value and love light withdrawing cash. Actually, the human and the human in the initial period, are one kind of contact mutual understanding directly, thus deepening understanding slowly. Feels world which opposite party takes to you not to understand. Actually, each people have own small “the world”. When we make great strides forward in others' world time, we will discover ourselves actually, will be an audience, a listening respectfully to, if which one kind of world time we can calm down all hearts aftertaste, actually, your innermost feelings will have are infected. does not have tonight sleeps, lets me discuss in my eye these so-called love marriage and so on a series of glossaries! love: This word everybody has the different understanding and the view actually, but mostly same is the groom's family and bride's side's direct exchange. This is one popular view.

Was in love actually in mine eye may say that into, expression innermost feelings regarding opposite sex one kind of pursue, was also one kind showed “the love” this “the love” the character meaning is just went out the school regarding us to go out the family was one kind of ignorant love Italy. Perhaps in mine innermost feelings simply had not known that the opposite sex pursue is anything. Is only regarding opposite sex has the big attraction. Remembered I in high school's time has unrequited loved a girl, yizhi dao I returned to Shanghai only then to dare with the letter to express my love Italy, but the final opposite party declined me, that word writes such tact. When the time comes I have cried for one morning. (thought that then discovered he are very laughable.

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