I lost youth that will eventually

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I lost youth that will eventually

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Remembrance of Youth is used, it carries with you when it worthless, when it is about to run out, you only have a sense that everything, loved us and tory burch purse are we significance of the existence of youth ...
Inadvertently discovered the radio, like I always wanted a more distant, like love is not so simple as this age I should not be the unforgettable ...
This is one I remember walking log.nike sneakers , just wanted to express their vague fuzzy feelings, pleasant songs, with charm, has always been so in retrospect, we find bits and pieces that once!
Youth, how beautiful a word, only a few years of vigorous, sometimes I often stand in the position of Professor Yu to see us, exactly is my own, he, in a race against time, that time I felt like I ruined it water fleeting, looked ah, more pleasant, always on the good memories of best basketball shoes, watch and Homecoming, and perhaps this is Nietzsche's "Superman," the realm of it, people always have to progress is it
I always put my life in more than a run for buses at each bus stop will encounter a lot of people, passing a good friend also worth mentioning, all kinds, who said the bus is like a stage, and is one of our The actor, of course, you can anger, because someone not understand the rules, this is a personal heart fickle society, it is difficult gucci shoes sale, you can find what the United States? Sometimes, I can! I'm used to standing in the car, because there are many more than I deserve that seat, not to stand it? Jun Zi is not never stop, I had to sit on the sidelines at this time in this stage, the community this large funnel, you will abandon Who? Seat when I'm serious, despise you, when I was serious, maybe it is such a society makes you cold! Well, the station, I down!
Days, this time the speed really fast, I did not that used to sleep so early, and now began the morning to drink coffee the day, I really do not go, do not quiet down, as if the old way, this time I even look forward to edhardy shirts, and like to listen to professors said, that we should remember more, and more back, to learn more! Ah, because tomorrow there! Worthy of the day, I did not do it! Bandari's soothing, the music, listen to like, perhaps it is the lack of patience, and sisters, like you when the phone wanted two, all right, I sleep just fine, revitalized, I feel tall or very good, I am proud that it does not matter, bought a pair of high heels, but also increased the relative height, but not often wear, this is what my youth?
So wonderful? Really want to do, mother again called my little girl, I cry, I miss home? Want to want, because I do not want to forget their roots! I do not want to tom ford glasses, maybe you think it is because you did not experience the community's it! Kai-fu Lee said of his daughter: I want you to know how dark this society, but still grateful! I can it? But how long?
Everyone this way, obviously there is a so-called heart of fox shir but everybody does, you will be assimilated, you no longer want you, cold, ruthless, for society is full of fear, feel it is a black hole, you think This is really nowhere to everywhere, the enemy fortification era, everyone is not good, have in mind, will harm you, what do you think the Cultural Revolution? Why sad? Only in the eyes of infants and young children, to see is clean! This is a lack of trust in an era! shop monster energy, as I will seize every car phone, when there is a so-called fellow gave me a business card, I'm afraid I do not believe it! Life is wonderful to meet it! How to become such friends! Only one to a thousand poetic life, you, me?
How to say that sentence, you are your own God, his followers, this is your One Man's Bible, just to save himself! Everyone has everyone's living law, I have nothing to nike running shoes! I want to express what? Lack of faith? Values of the confusion? Or do you not know that Wang Naqu in the end? Nothing is free, is a price to pay, youth!
I still feel depressed, this two-day fast in the past it! Forget last year in the number of days spent in fear, are gone, painful entrance, every day feel breathless, although the result was bad, but still came, and I thought maybe one day many times, In the corridor math jumped from about the past, I have a lifetime of pain and chanel bags, is no exaggeration! I completely take the math motion sickness, watching so many papers, data, kind of like the impulse to die, had enough, really it! Examination, and other points of the day how their pain, knowing good and still dreaming, not any availability of schools to go to school, crying, as if every day, so over, memories on this end of it!
In this moment here, on second thought then that moment he, the freshman, I come!

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