Customer is God?

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Customer is God?

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Customer is God, is very popular now a fashionable term, God everywhere, great service to the national government agencies, small to consumers directly tory burch purse but who can really focus on God as King does, because God is speaking from the term after the idea of a future sustenance of the place of God means that a long-term commitment to the empty, because God only in the last minute before deciding your choice, so we never put the customer as God, but as the emperor, as emperor determine your survival, then your service is a real and effective objective, not until he was traded in and the customer is God, after the transaction becomes the practice nike sneakers .
Focus on how to make customer satisfaction, customer-centric business has become a topic of concern to all, and the environment over time and in different stages, customer service, let satisfaction be given meaning and way too much, we, as business is concerned, services to end customers that the final consumer is powerless, because a good multi-layer across the middle, so as a business in terms of best basketball shoes customer service first to make your direct dealer satisfaction, and service delivery is progressively truth.
In fact, for business and life as a man to have character, the real business orientation is a man gucci shoes sale good character, friends, love nature, corporate positioning Xinkouruyi, clients satisfied, but in reality the existence of many companies in the business process, the customer before the transaction, said more than sing nicely, promised the hype, but the real money a dozen, began to discount all of the services promised to become a bubble, and the customer has become a slave by God, such enterprises often short-term operation, the road gets narrower.
Good access to the most basic service is the cornerstone of edhardy shirts cumbersome office files, one of the fax, sent about a hundred varieties of goods, it could be a few color pages of publicity, the company may seem to be daily trivial task, but to the dealer is completely different, I remember one time a company executive department issued power of attorney to a client, may have been from the beginning of registration of a clerical error, the customer became Lijian Xiang Li Jianxiang play, power of attorney to go after the issue of No business manager a few days received a phone call, said attorney's name wrong, demands the return tom ford glasses. because glimpse conceivable whole picture to my name can be wrong, do not know the future other services will not to be wrong or discount, Haoshuodaishuo, only then things smooth out the re-issued an apology.
Develop the habit of handling phone calls, you will find the original communication is so important. Marketing or customer service department when the market is generally in the schedule, like to do good marketing communications, because the pressure is small Yeah, but the real need for scheduling and communication happens to those who do thorn good dealer, the service must bear pressure to develop the habit of fox shir service procedures must be formed and inertia, when the passion to want to fire up, can not remember when the client does not like.
I have seen many customers and the reasons for disagreement is the headquarters of specific service manager or because the employee has violated the above-mentioned problems, a dozen dealers feel the money, tea to cool, and I feel a good, see what all awkward, plus sales not ideal, is not surprising if you look for a job based! In fact, plainly, is the difference between a phone call just one week, five minutes is enough, the difference of five minutes shop monster energy, your service department did not develop a good habit, use of the system will be used to a policy, the habits of diligence communication, you will find you a phone the original is so important, many of the remaining issues will be resolved.
As long as there is to do both good and bad, who understand this truth, citing Wu, president of the past three handle the new word is: both ends, and promote the middle, with is a large. Find good dealers nationwide exchange of good experience to learn right away and found some dealers did not do, there is no need nike running shoes, to analyze the reasons, set negative examples, it will play an unexpected effect in the middle of the dealers will never accounted for most, so this is the middle power, push-pull interaction, opening up will gradually become better
Let your customers become emperor, to reflect inwardly, because they are the most important ideas and rules from the perspective of your customer service, not just meet a smile and chanel bags to do the above six aspects, your customers will change slowly, they became God, and you become the Emperor of their choice, so that success is not far away from you

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