China's last nomadic paradise

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China's last nomadic paradise

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The best on the Mongolian Plateau in the East Ujimqin grassland, while the East Ujimqin best grassland in Kathmandu bulag. However, this piece of China's last nomadic paradise is alsotory burch purse more and more forced to abandon the nomadic herders to settle instead. However, there are some people stick to this piece of paradise nomadic love, struggling to try. Return to nomadic power surge is emerging ... ...
Their pasture is also drought, but they are not prepared to move games, because they have no money to pay tolls Large ranch is at the foot of degradation of nike sneakers
"Nomadic from the formation to the present, has existed for thousands of years." Inner Mongolia University, Research Center Jimu Kent Road Georgi professor said to me. Geographic boundaries with agricultural and pastoral formation, was that under the terms Xiajiadian high culture to be in the Western Zhou Dynasty Spring and Autumn period. "Xiajiadian high culture, "covering the Chifeng best basketball shoes, Liaoning, northern Hebei and Beijing-Tianjin region, where a lot of traveling unearthed tools, animal bones, coupled with its housing sites, and can be described at that time living in the summer and stores nearby nomadic, and shows gradually replaced nomadic farming at that time to become a major local cultural patterns.
"To the Qing Dynasty, established on the prairie Mengqi system, nomadic range was designated the boundaries; gucci shoes sale the basic nomadic pastoralists is not up. "Jimu Professor Tak Road, Wilkie said.
Only a few decades time, the Inner Mongolia grassland change even greater than the large number of wild species extinction quietly, many parts of the pasture into edhardy shirts and even livestock have changed dramatically. Traditional domesticated Mongolian "five animals", that horses, camels, cattle, sheep, goats. Among them, the horses and camels large range of activities, support at least a group of horses on acres of pasture. But not to say that the only horse pasture acres, horse pasture can share and Xiao Xu. Top horse like a little grass, they ran to eat after the sheep can be followed to eat. But after the division of pasture, feed horses and camels raised a whole piece of pasture become scarce, farmers will gradually give up the domestication of tom ford glasses only horses and camels, with cattle also reduced. " A single species of animal is very bad. " Bart Haas said. When I did not understand him that is why, he suck his teeth looked at me worried, it seems that I asked him why the one plus one equals two - really hard to answer this question. "
Hunting is illegal, but it is unable to eliminate the ills of this place. In the past 30 to 50 years, a variety of wild fauna have disappeared. The 1960s, there's a large group of fifty horses wolves activities, when Bala Qin also participated in the hunt for fox shir he is a good hunter. Dalang against his predecessor, a young man, he does not understand. It was discovered that the wolf can prevent the prevalence of livestock disease - sick animal was quickly eaten by wolves, the disease will not continue to spread. Disease prevention and treatment with Western medicine than now, the role of the wolf is more green and healthy. However, the rapid decline in the number of wolves, 1998, Bala is also seen more than a dozen horses Qin elderly groups of shop monster energy, just listen to the people last year found that in one place four wolves, the wolf has actually disappeared. Grasslands on the Mongolian gazelle have been countless, now without a trace
Good rainfall this year, some Mongolian gazelle skipped border from Mongolia to Kathmandu Baolige region, but was soon lighting up. In addition there are marmots, which is the Mongolian traditional way of life, in addition to five animals outside of the most important animal - the skin can be used, the meat can be eaten, the oil can also be used Before the Mongols had to rely on the prairie marmots spend a lot of nike running shoes Now, just occasionally, one of the herdsmen on the acres of grassland will appear on thirty-four son Rex, herders have to take them when the baby protection, fear of outsiders to know.
The sky is very transparent, a little micro-cloud white white sun, without shelter to cover the land of chanel bags Hao Bi Siga La Figure frowning looks into the distance: the surrounding earth Ping Kuang, a provincial highway cut from the middle of his ranch in the past, who flashed his vehicle on the situation today is not any help. He moved to field - in the sheep eat the hay on the ground before he left here. West 150 kilometers away, he has borrowed a piece of good pasture, where drought is not the same as his home, no rain.
20 years ago, moved to field only an ordinary "walk Ao Ritter" - "Ao Ritter" is a Mongolian transliteration, meaning "moving field grazing", commonly known as "walking Ao Patel" or "walking field." But now, land for different family business, moved to field difficult and rare
Hao Bi Siga La figure should pass this field to move a lot of chanel handbags rangeland pastoralists who own Inoue is sitting waiting for him, waiting to receive passing money. Their pasture is also drought, but they are not prepared to move games, because they have no money to pay tolls. Large ranch is at the foot of degradation of these settled nomads

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