The famous brand versace from Italy

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The famous brand versace from Italy

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:39 pm

In face versace is Italian.there are a lot of the fans are often Versace surrounds its pronunciation make a mistake. Gianni Versace surrounds the: Jenny (died in 1997, fan saizhe designer Gianni Versace surrounds) : design style: founded in 1978, the brand logo is the myth of the snake demon Medusa represents a fatal attraction. Versace design style is very bright, it is the beauty of the unique strong artistic pioneer emphasize happiness and chanel handbags, collarband to often open to below the waist, stylist antagonism took classical style of luxury noble and beautiful and will give full consideration to wear comfortable, the appropriate display size. Versace good at using noble luxurious fabric with inclined cut way, making the high costumes.
Gianni Versace surrounds was born in southern Italy, in 1997, was gunned down in Miami when only 50 years old. He is often as George European rival giorgio armani, while the latter older than he is 12 years old, fan saizhe used their own language refused to accept the above is: "he is in the north, I am on the south, there's nothing to cheap polo shirts". Perfume is Jenny. Versace's early one of important business. His first perfume is female, it is called "Jenny versace", published in 1981 is a flower cedars fragrances, perfume bottles are designed to compelling diamond form rhombus base with 56 the cut of the body.
From young. Since then, fan saizhe felt himself and was born and bred on the Caribbean and ancient Greek has the close relation. So he will Greece's the head of Meduse female beauty and Greece in his trademark design. From her learned to ghd straightener, there in milan began his career in 1978, the designer launched his name to dress series.
At the end of the 1980 s, he that Ming yan magnificent baroque the role of design can be seen everywhere. Fashion design at the same time, he also for the drama and ballet stage design costumes. He and his sister, conspicuous Donatella has been very close, and said she is his Muse. After his death, sister didn't any mistake to take over the business, and no brother are amazing.
Versace surrounds launched the latest stopwatch is similar to nike free shoes gray or disappearing altogether thoughts came out 2000 of the best-selling model, injection and pure and fresh element, size, and cooperate with proper of body engineering edhardy clothes, modelling is try to be unique. This watch materials and work with a perfect, become the traditional process of the Swiss watch of the high level and standards. After the redesigned Chrono pointer add new turning gray or disappearing altogether decals great shape standard, make surface when more delicate and pleasing to gucci men shoes the surface, the central government act the role ofing has diamond engraved designs design, times add style. On the surface with three small dish, calendar small window set in 4 when position, shackled Medusa is so famous that mark set in 12 when the position. Barrel IPRG form fine steel case assembly stainless steel or leather strap and butterfly type folded in tom ford sunglasses. This watch have 3 ATM waterproof performance.
To celebrate the third Versace surrounds jewelry in Beijing between casa opening four of Versace surrounds launched a limited edition Eon series of senior jewelry wrist watch. This series of design and technology, the Chinese market will incomparable sale.
New Eon way wrist watch luxuriant and pleasing to basketball shoes with unique style, Versace surrounds projected out of the female's charm charm. Circular case selection smooth fine steel and vacuum ion plating rose gold, equipped with two section size (33.6 or 39 mm), and the act the United States getting, flashing arranged in a semicircle. The rotation of the outer circle to watch of wrist watch this series more alive to move cheap nike shoes, modelling also more perfect. Just like exalted jewelry, irresistible woman: four new model are on a sapphire or pink gem (shallow pink or deep pink) or green garnet ornament. The whole series of wrist watch using quartz movement. One of the most expensive model machine with tory burch handbag mounted, more Mosaic in the words flashing symbol. Versace surrounds Each type of way Eon wrist watch all blue, pink, with red or green alligator strap.

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