The house prices in China

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The house prices in China

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:00 am

Now we buy houses that it is commodity house, the speech of the commodity house must first acknowledge it's first and foremost a commodity for a commodity price first of all we want to consider its cost price for house is concerned the construction cost and its land cost, this is the foundation of decision house prices. Second is the interests of cheap nike shoesand developers fees, these fees be more flexible, developers and government would have its own interest definition of price. And the relation between market supply and demand, and the people's income level, market competition. In the long run, these rules will make the adjustment of prices tend to YuJunHeng price general accord with value.
But now, house prices too high, appeared with national economic development good, accession to edhardy clothes, the successful Olympic bid, the opening of the world expo in Shanghai and the development trend of the external personnel is good, the influx, increased the demand for housing, people think prices rise, money sooner or later the individual also appeared in the practice of value, want to buy a house with developers, local government, local media, financial institutions and interest groups to form a variety of ghd straightener, will lead to the rise in house prices.
First of all I think personally strengthen the construction of the real estate market is necessary. According to the actual situation of the second according to different income groups make gucci men shoes, can cover some economy applicable room once again to want to have the correct guiding role propaganda.
Key: the market economic system of government's macro-regulation reasonable standard market prices
House prices is always affects the people and media neural topic. As the saying goes, the basic necessities of common people is a few things for great things, one of which "live" is referred to as the "people's housing problems. For I the Chinese people, is its "nest" more significantly, the house of common people in China has more than a house is so simple, is also a kind of psychological sense of basketball shoes. But in recent years, rising housing prices and the problem and not get effective solution, high house prices to the broad masses of the people that buy a house a lot of stress. The following is only my personal to the problem of some of the views and ideas.
First,the factors of decision of the housing price
The real estate industry is a complicated involving industry related industry the economy a lot of leading role is very strong. Generally speaking to house prices with the country's economic development level, the income level of resident adapt, ahead or behind is good phenomenon, will be for the country's economic and social stability produce certain effect to tom ford sunglasses, so the rationality of the analysis, travel to take effective measures to control the house price is very necessary.

Analysis, we can't from house prices in the market economic system, the reality of China, the well-known lentil did the socialist market economic system. That is the price is formed by the market, the market mechanism of nike free shoes. Although estate business of house prices can independently positioning, but still had to obey the market, not any decision of the price of the house or the decline. Because the government will through the macroeconomic regulation and control to influence tory burch handbag, mainly through the fiscal and monetary policy, the industry policies indirect means, also cannot affect prices directly determine housing prices.
Second, the analysis of the current house prices
Foreign a recognized evaluation standard, commodity house price should be family year income three to six times. Then we to calculate the Shanghai now house price is reasonable. According to the relevant government department announced, Shanghai per capita monthly income for 2000 or so. A family of three, so families with an income for 72000 yuan, if the standard to be according to chanel handbags, apparently now significantly higher.
Three, let house prices kept relatively reasonable Suggestions
Now the house prices too high, to many buyers brought a lot of the pressure of the life, or because that high prices and buy without ability ability and mucky, or loans on lives after the new house, as the veritable "cheap polo shirts", carry mental pressure for all day early struggle to pay off the mortgage, but found that clear, paragraph or too soon. Can take some measures to make house prices kept relatively reasonable, let people live at ease into the new house.

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