Do you believe in tom ford glasses? Are you belong to which one ?

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Do you believe in tom ford glasses? Are you belong to which one ?

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:47 am

Aries was born in every March 21, to April 20, the essence of Mars for positive is heaven bodies lux give a person the feeling, therefore to ares symbol of courage named after strong fight with the male charm in charge of tom ford glasses and lust momentum for group with some influence.
Zodiac constellation first for Aries, so the constellation and began to relevant. Aries is on December dusk, but in his head nearly south direction of the zodiac. See There are two of the most bright stars that Aries two horns. The sun through the constellation from 3/21 to 4/20, is to become during the night than day short "between the vernal equinox" season, because of spring sunshine longer, and various kinds of chanel bags starts flowering, was born in this time period, all the Aries energetic and active person of drive. Aries people born in fresh thing was into it, and to take risks, the pursuit of speed.
Taurus born in every year April 21 and on May 20, the night of summer is in on the west side of the galaxy appears in the constellation Taurus, Venus is the star guard, so the constellation of Taurus is conservative type, the person of Taurus have art cell, have highly appreciate any art taste and ability. It is the patron saint of love and beauty Venus. Zodiac sign, Taurus, which is the second bull is its representatives animals. Taurus is late January at dusk in the southern zhongtian can see the sign, and the formation of the head shape, with a Taurus like the most best basketball shoes is Taurus right eye. It has always been and is famous for its power, and occasionally wild, occasionally quiet about the forces of nature. The sun will through the constellation from 4/20 to 5/20, it is in full bloom in spring during beautiful season, all that was born in the Taurus at this time, not only have beauty and harmony spirit is also docile and genial man, and like nature.
Gemini was born in May 21 to June 21 every year, the speed of moving mercury is very fast, in charge of the personal knowledge, communication, reasoning, and learning ability, processing difficulties wit, adapt to nike running shoes and the power of the individual consciousness, and represents the time transformation technology and knowledge of everyday life the influence of the change.
Zodiac constellation is the third Gemini with a pair of twins to represent the design suggested that he's dual personality. Gemini is late march when the dusk ground, on the head south to see edhardy shirts, this position two boys side by side, there are two very reconciled the brightest star, planet is their head. The sun will be through this element of 5/20 to 6/21, is a natural green during the most beautiful season. All that was born in the beauty of the constellation Gemini green period, not quick mind, and reasoning is better than what the others force they are born, the statement said.
Cancer was born in from June 22 to July 22 Every year,the personal feelings influence is greater than the sun. In astronomical phenomena the moon, the biggest change have periodically moon, represents the mood changes, emotional ups and downs love and hate of nike sneakers. The moon represents dominate our inner world, is human nature and the instinct of the performance. The moon, the moon is also protect cancer maternal's keeper, lighting equipment is cancer that lucky.
Cancer of the west, in the constellation Leo such long the north of the zodiac is the twelve signs of the dark, a bright star in the only 93.8 m, can't see the shape of ghd, this may be because the hittite sophocles's a great tawdry had given it shattered's sake!
The sun is the most influential of the celestial bodies, it is the center of the universe, the ecliptic is the sun in the sky orbiting track. The sun dominate our external world is a fountain of tory burch purse, the darkness and the power of the disease, the universe made.
Lodging in the galaxy is Leo stable dwelling house. In the family members of the most stable development of the Leo is a star, stable steady environment for Leo the happiness. Appearance, calm, not mild rash, belongs to the mature practical model. Leo and other members of the family of zijin is not the same place is Leo outbreak is not big, stability and strength long is Leo living localization. Personality is a little leisurely and hedonism, understanding the heavy righteousness, for career management but was also good, if not the rapid rise of, but also in the water out of the quantitative change to form the transition of polo shirt.
Mercury moving fast, in charge of personal knowledge, communication, reasoning, and learning ability, processing difficulties wit adapt to the environment and the power of the gucci shoes sale, and represents the time transformation technology and knowledge of everyday life the influence of the change. Mercury guardian Gemini and virgo.
The essence of Venus for negative, is heaven bodies, golden charming therefore to Venus, symbol named of love and beauty control female charm and the ability to attract the opposite sex, affect one's taste, aesthetic feeling, social skills and values.

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