Nowadays the most popular singer Lady Gaga in gucci men shoes

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Nowadays the most popular singer Lady Gaga in gucci men shoes

Post by superman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:12 am

The original named of Lady Gaga is Joanne Gaga Stefani Germanotta, she was born in Yonkers, New York's parents for Italian, I attended the Sacred Heart called the Catholic schools, fashion and Caroline Kennedy's beauties Hilton is her alumni. As a child, she often follow gucci men shoes, Michael Jackson singing up and Cyndi Lauper song. 4 years old when rely on both ears and learn to listen to piano playing, 13 years old world a lyrical creation writing a song, 14 in publicly picked up a microphone singing, 17 years old is New York university music department admitted ahead. Only by the age of 20, Interscope recognition, was signing for singer/groups write its songs. Gaga origin its style clearly influenced by classic luxuriant rock singer David Bowie and Queen, such as the 1980 s POP singer Madonna and Michael Jackson as tory burch handbag. If the stage name by the queen of the band Gaga is a big heat song "Gaga" Radio homophonic.
When Lady Gaga was a little girl, she will be with her little recorder to sing the song, Michael Jackson with Cyndi Lauper song, or in the Beatles music required to highlight with matchs line, in the bosom of the father turned round. This hyperactivity in children on the western restaurant table happy dance, with bread as a great play baton. When home new nanny, pure she can also happy birthday to put on new clothes to cheap polo shirts.
This from New York African families means little girl grow up to be so brave to show themselves, become a versatile and spectacular creation singer. This is Lay Gaga.
"I have always been very good at entertainment, I grew up as a happy fruit, now also ." Gaga if such said. Her with a real appeal of their party Dirty dance music in Manhattan in the lower east side of flowers club rise. In addition, the more let a person's heated is her amazing performance shock art. In the process, she would shed their pieces design stage outfit, showing her hand to cut up until the small hot pants and a bikini bra, then lit a can of the spray hair gel and finally, when the neon colors from the ceiling ball down slowly, when she was along with the clockwork orange movie will be the soundtrack of chanel handbags.
"I have always loved rock music, pop culture and theater, when I see Queen and David Bowie, I just really know, actually this three elements is can exist side by side." If so, she said the Gaga inspiration is derived from the stage name Queen song "Gaga" Radio, and her role on the television series Peggy Bundy and designers Bonatella Versace surrounds for fashionable index. I choose to fashionable index principle, is not limited to the music circles of the people, but to show people all related, as long as there is attitude type to cheap nike shoes.So that is why I choose to be an artist, is why I want to achieve goals.
This goal seems pretty high, but carefully look at this girl's background: if Gaga at the age of four depends on his own ears learned the piano; 13 years old with piano write down the a lieder; 14 years old, night she in New York's famous Bitter End club listen to songs, such as the day is the Sacred Heart in Covent p.y. (in Manhattan's private School) by students put down her strange but again rebellious modelling; When you were 17, she become a global only 20 a can advance into New York university from the Arts of Tisch of edhardy clothes; 20 years old birthday been officially signed a recording deal, and was invited to write songs for many big artists (like the small cats and the next to a series of hair of universal singer). Her debut album haven't hair slice, but if down the Gaga has direct air express car.
"Stars to show business, my goal is to be in a fun way, for the world to bring new music popular." She said. Her debut solo album, The Fame not only all songwriter, even arranged all The music instruments nearly she play recorded. And I want to use a super cool to play with a remark the feelings of the audience, like a key looks something like ghd straightener, in fact but tastes bitter medicine.
The Fame, it felt like Gaga album and two popular dance music, with a electronic music, a rock music, plus a little discos and mock play elements, finally slowly martini glass into modelling The cocktail, to lure people around The world with she together without drunk unhappy. She explained: "The album was talking about everyone can feel myself as a celebrity. Popular culture itself is a kind of art, resist The popular doesn't make you be cool, so I decided to embrace The popular culture, you can be in The Fame album clearly feel this kind of basketball shoes. But The limelight of pleasant sensation can be Shared with another, I want to invite everyone to binge, I hope that people can be infected by The attitude to life.
The album's opening song is myself is also starting single, this song interesting name LA across the host streaming, red to turn over. And equally attractive "Boys, Boys Boys" Gaga are not denied that if honestly to self: "I want to Motley Crue 's" Girls Girls Gilrs "write a special version of women, but that it will have my own stems, and I want to write that even the rock will like pop songs curry."
"Dirty their sorrow" is summarized in her own side of the little things, most of it related addicted to drugs and party carnival story. If Gaga said: "at that time, or that song, are at the outset I think life goals in the process, when I decided to took to the stage performance after, I will deeply fall in love with this decision, and never feel what wonderful party......." The first heard "Paparazzi", you might think that this is a love song to the camera, but in fact, Gaga think if this itself is a joke: "in a certain level to see. Indeed, it is about how to attract the Paparazzi eyes, let oneself become famous, but not completely so serious is, maybe it reflects the people's opinions on tom ford sunglasses, but from another Angle, it can also is in love with a boy in speak can and two the struggle for it."
GaGa also appear on the album almost to her love of lyric songs, like the Queen is inspired by "time", and the Eyes of sweet song "I kissed break up an stupidest eh eh (Can)". She explains: "Eye" time "is the album's most vulnerable feelings in a" Eh Eh, "is a simple pop, speak with old boyfriend break up a man may better story."
As for the new album tour, the fans will watch the reputation of the explosion in August 2007 he fendi poem and Lollapalooza in March 2008 after performances could it't, to experience new hardcover edition of nike free shoes. "This new show, in the past few years I will be in the city of super magnificent performance everywhere homemade version. Although overall performance will be more high-grade, but my favorite elements will still remain, such as colorful neon ball hot pants the bright outfit and compose ACTS the role of. But will become a more passionate, more whole concept version, that's a pop art." the comprehensive performance.

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